Image of Brilliant Book
15 October 2018

Brilliant Book

Our Brilliant Book this half term is Owl Babies. We have heard the story many times and we are now able to join in!  Why not ask us about the story?    We can tell you what happened in the story, what the baby owls are called, what the baby owls said, where mummy owl went and what mummy owl said…

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Image of 12th October
12 October 2018

12th October

Well done Holly class on a rather fabulous week! Mrs Maud and myself are so proud of how you have all adapted to life in the 'big school' and are producing some very mature work.  We look forwards to sharing this work in the upcoming parents evening!
This week we have been looking at the weather…

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5 October 2018

Friday 5th October 2018

Hello there. This week in elm class, we're feeling better than the weather!

This week's Star of the Week is Lilah. Well done Lilah!

Our literacy focus at the moment is the book, 'There's a boy in the girls' bathroom.' We're looking at the characters Jeff and Bradley at the moment and…

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3 October 2018


This week our learning has been very purposeful! On Monday we learnt about the different root vegetables that would have been aboard Captain Cooks' Endeavour.  We then wrote a shopping list and took it to Lidl to buy these vegetables.  On Wednesday we followed a recipe on how to make Vegetable…

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28 September 2018

28th September 2018

This week, we began work on our own adventure stories. To help the process, we ventured into the wood to create portals to another dimension. Check out the pictures below!

The changing autumn scenery has provided great inspiration for some fantastic photographs and accompanying artwork.…

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Image of Holly 28.9.18
28 September 2018

Holly 28.9.18

Ahoy Holly Class! We have had a very busy week in Holly class. We went aboard the Endeavour where chef Wood cooked us 2 platefuls of delicious food and we drank wine (not really - it was cherry juice!) We talked about why Captain Baker gave us these foods like Captain Cook would have given to his…

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28 September 2018

Friday 28th September 2018

You won't believe what a busy week we have had this week in Elm class!

The NSPCC came in to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe, acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and how to report anything that might happen to us that we feel isn't ok.

We also had a very enjoyable puppet workshop…

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25 September 2018

Acorn Class Forest Schools Fun

We have lots of fun at Forest schools.

Take a look to see some of the things we have been getting up to!

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22 September 2018


The weather is getting colder and the wind's been a bit wild this week, but here in Elm class we're still beavering away.

We're still swimming for a couple more weeks, enjoying our PE lessons and going outside for Forest Schools so we're still as active as ever!

In maths, we're continuing…

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21 September 2018

21st September 2018


This week seems to have flown by - but then people do say time flies when you’re having fun!

All of us in Oak Class have been hard at work on our adventure stories - with excellent results. Miss Robson is looking forward to the ones we’re going to write next week now that we’ve learned…

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20 September 2018


This week we have been looking at Captain James Cook in greater depth.

Why not share the video that we watched together? 

In Maths we have been pairing up socks to help us count in twos.

We have also looked at Aboriginal Art and made our own pointillism creations.  What a busy week we…

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17 September 2018

Acorn Class

Our topic this half term is Special Me and this week we are looking at feelings. Why not talk to your child about what makes them happy, sad etc.

We made up a song about feelings.... to the tune of 'If your happy and you know it'


If your.(sad etc.. and you know it.(have a cry…

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