These documents explain how we ensure that any data we hold about you or your child is accurate; held and used with your consent; stored and moved securely; and deleted when no longer necessary.

Data Protection Policies

We are proud of our academy and work hard to do our very best for our children and families. From time to time however, things can go wrong or get mixed up! If you have a concern or an issue, we want to hear from you so that we can sort it out speedily and get things back on track. Please contact us directly first of all, as speaking to class teachers or our office staff usually sorts out most problems straight away.

If you don't feel that things are resolved or you think it is more serious, contact the Principal or the chair of Academy Committee. Our Complaints Procedure explains how you can share any complaints and sets out what you can expect should you raise an issue with us.

Complaints Procedure and Policy

Trust Policies