Stakesby Straight

Our Aims, Vision

and Values 



Stakesby Ethos:

We aim to ensure that pupils leave Stakesby Primary Academy with the tools and commitment to access all areas of learning. We pride ourselves on creating a happy, safe and nurturing environment where all children achieve their potential through a stimulating and ambitious curriculum. Our pupils are at the forefront of everything we do: we work with them to develop outstanding learning behaviours which will enable them to succeed in whatever they aspire to do.


Our Aims:

Equip pupils with the skills, confidence and resilience to conquer every challenge they meet.

Build supportive relationships within the school, with families and the wider community.

Teach pupils to take responsibility for their actions; reflect and evaluate the choices they make.

Instil our drivers of commitment, kindness and excellence in all we do


COMMITTED to being the best learners we can be.

DETERMINED to strive for excellence in all we do.

KIND to our peers, our community and ourselves.

INDEPENDENT enabling us to take responsibility.

PROUD to be Stakesby!