Stakesby Straight

Our Renewed Aims, Vision

and Values 2018


Children are at the forefront of all that we do and aspire to do. We want them to be confident, successful and ambitious. We take learning seriously and work together to create a vibrant culture in which this can happen.

We envisage an academy where well-led, highly skilled and committed professionals collaborate, learn and innovate together so that all learners have access to effective and innovative provision that meets their needs and aspirations.

We want to add value to achievement and raise standards. We also want to change lives. We know this requires our provision and our practice to be world class and we understand that good will not always be good enough and that we need to develop a shared appreciation of excellence and then strive to put this in place this every day.



Our Mission

To equip children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Our Core Values

Committed Learners:


  • Know where they are going                              They have a plan that is organised and ambitious.
  • Give it a go                                                           They are brave.
  • Make mistakes (and learn from them)           They are resilient and flexible.
  • Keep going (no matter what)                           They are determined.
  • Make sure they get there

Kind People:


                            At Stakesby we use our smile, our words and our actions to help, support and care for everybody.