Our SENDCo is Mrs Sam Hamstead. 

Here at Stakesby Primary Academy we are strongly committed to raising the aspirations of, and expectations for, all pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND) and we provide a focus on outcomes for children - not just provision/support.

We aspire to ensure that we identify and assess indicators of a special education need or disability at the earliest time so that appropriate provision and support can be put in place at the soonest opportunity. School are eager to work with parents to support identification of needs. Where necessary school aim to aid parents with appropriate outside agency referrals. 

We follow a graduated approach to assessing, planning, doing and reviewing the provision and progress of each child identified as having a special educational need or disability. We recognise the vital role parents have in supporting school to best meet the holistic needs of their children. 

We work closely with a range of outside agencies in order to best understand the needs of individuals and to best adapt provision to support the child in the most effective ways. 

If your child is on the school's Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Register, you will be invited in for termly reviews of your child’s progress and attainment with their class teacher and Mrs Hamstead, SENDCo. Should you need to talk with Mrs Hamstead at any other point, she can be contacted by email (s.peck@stakesbyschool.net) or telephone (01947 820231)


SEND Documents 2022-2023

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