Meet the staff of our school


Principal Miss Emma Robson
Vice Principal Mr Jordan Nicholson
Early Years Lead Mrs Debbie Tacon
SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-coordinator) Miss Samantha Peck
Business Manager Mrs Fiona Holden
Office Administrator Miss Rachel Butler
Early Years - Super Squirrels (Nursery) & Wise Owls (Reception) Mrs Debbie Tacon
Holly Class - Year 1

Mrs Jan Baker

Mrs Amy Sloan

Beech Class - Year 2

Mrs Nicola Nicholson

Hazel Class - Year 3/4

Mrs Michelle Waters

Elm Class - Year 4/5 Miss Samantha Peck
Oak Class - Year 6 Mr Jordan Nicholson
KS1 & KS2 Support Staff Miss Becky Burrell-Smith
  Mrs Claire Reynolds
  Mrs Clare Atkinson
  Miss Helen Nelson
Early Years Support Staff Mrs Vickie Bellew
  Mrs Nicola Nattriss
  Mrs Emma Walker
  Mrs Sarah Locker
  Mrs Kirsty Parker
  Mrs Lisa Mason
Breakfast and After School Club Assistant Mrs Vickie Bellew
Cook Mrs Miriam Reed
Assistant Cook Miss Rachel Peart
Midday Supervisory Assistants

Miss Sarah Bell

  Mrs Vickie Bellew
  Mrs Linzi Boyer
  Mrs Clare Atkinson
  Mrs Nicola Nattriss
  Miss Helen Nelson
  Mrs Clare Atkinson
Site Manager Mr John Smith
Cleaners Mrs Miriam Reed
  Mrs Clare Atkinson
  Mrs Julie Foster

Staffing Structure 2022-2023

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