3 October 2018

This week our learning has been very purposeful! On Monday we learnt about the different root vegetables that would have been aboard Captain Cooks' Endeavour.  We then wrote a shopping list and took it to Lidl to buy these vegetables.  On Wednesday we followed a recipe on how to make Vegetable soup and then ate it - it was delicious - Anneka, James and Kenzie had second helpings!  We then sequenced the photos and matched the correct sentences.  Mrs Atkinson took some home and loved it so much that on Thursday we wrote instructions to tell her how to make it.




Posted by Mrs Wood on 3 October 2018

Category: Holly Class

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22 January 2019

Primary PE and School Sport Update 2018-2019.

Please find below a report from Mr Hopper of Caedmon College Whitby outlining some of the primary sporting activities Stakesby have been involved in so far this year.
6 December 2018

Stakesby Uniform

6 September 2018

School Meal Changes

Please find below some small, but beneficial changes to our school meal prices and system.