23 May 2018

British Values...Democracy.at Stakesby

As part of our positive behaviour policy at Stakesby, classes can work together to try and win the ‘Termly Treat’. Each child works hard in school to earn house points, or as we call them, ‘Stakesby Stars’, which they write their name and class on.

Stars earned go into a class box and each Friday one star is drawn out of each class box. If it is your star, you win a prize! At the end of the assembly every class box is emptied into a whole school box and given a shake. One star is picked from the school box. If the star belongs to a member of your class, a trophy is put on the ‘Termly Treat’ graph for your class.

At the end of each term, we see which class has the most trophies on the graph because they have won the ‘Termly Treat’! The children in that class then democratically decide what they would like their treat to be. Last half term, Maple Class were the winners and they spent a wonderful afternoon this week wearing their own clothes (or pyjamas!), eating pizza and playing games brought from home. I wonder which class  will win the ‘Termly Treat’ next?

Our 'Superstars' this term are Penny and Callum, Well Done both of you!

Category: Maple Class