Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday with your families.

The children have been eagerly telling us what they did over Christmas and making New Years  resolutions such as keeping their bedrooms tidy.I wonder how long that will last?!!

In literacy this week we have been reading non-fiction books and looking at the features of a non- chronological report.We have recognised bullet points, sub-headings, labels, diagrams, photographs, text boxes and worked in groups to identify these in non-fiction texts.We will now use this knowledge to write our own non-chronological reports about cats.The children have brought home a piece of homework today asking them to reseach their own pet or one belonging to a family member or friend.Please help them to complete this by the date specified. Many thanks for your kind cooperation.

In maths we have begun to tell the time, reading o'clock times on clocks and drawing hands on clocks to represent a given time.We used the clocks with our talk partners to practise telling the time to the hour and will move on to half past next week.


Science this week  will look at classifying animals into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish and we will be looking at the features of each group and what they have in common.

Mrs Mason has introduced the sculptures of Joan Miro to the children this week and discussed their own unique style.The children will work over the half term on looking at Miro's work in detail and eventually producing a sculpture of their own in the same style!