Gung Hey Fat Choi!

The Acorns children have had a lovely week learning all about Chinese New Year. We counted to 10 in Chinese Mandarin. Click on the link below to share at home


We watched the Chinese Dragon dance video and learnt why firecrackers are used during the festival.  Watch the video about Nian to…

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Zoom Zoom Zoom we are going to the moon! The children have been really enthused about our space work and have made wonderful playdough models of aliens.  In maths, the Wise Owls have been looking at subtraction and counting back.  We have been counting in tens and doing our exercises at the same…

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Ash Class   26th January 2017 

What a busy week! We have been learning all about fractions. We can now find fractions of amounts, can order and compare fractions and can solve problems involving fractions. We have become much more confident and have used manipulatives to help us! Next week,…

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Wise Owls have been really interested in finding about the life of an astronaut.  We have created our own role play area and written our own space logs.

We have shared the story of 'Baby Brains' and also watched it. Click on the link below to share at…

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This week the Wise Owls have been counting how many aliens are on the spaceship.  We have been using language involving addition, including plus, add, how many, altogether, equals and total.  We have also being counting on a number line by throwing a dice and "jumping on", e.g. how many jumps from…

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Whatever next?!!

Happy New Year Year everyone! We hope Santa visited you all!

Our topic for this half term is 'Space', and this week we have been reading the story 'Whatever Next' Why not click on the link to watch it at home together. 


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This week in Acorns class we a have been learning lots of lovely new songs. All the songs have familiar tumes but new words. We will be adding these songs to our Christmas Play. It is called 'Holly's Christmas Wish' and we can't wait to start learning all our parts.

We have been careful to keep…

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This week in Acorns class we have learnt all about Diwali. We have all made a diva lamp out of clay and painted it with lovely bright colours and glitter. We have also made mendhi designs on hand prints and also used coloured chalk to make rangoli patterns outside our classroom door. This is…

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The Super Squirrels had their second session in the woods this week led by Mr Bates. We looked for minbeasts and collected them up in little containers to look at more closely using a magnifying glass. We also collected treasure from the woodland floor like orange leaves and conker shells and we…

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What a busy week we have had preparing for our class trips to Sainsburys. We have set up our own shop and we are using real money to buy and sell our fresh fruit and vegetables. We have learning about what '5 a day' means and the difference between foods we should eat all the time to keep us…

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Week beginning 12th September 2016

This week we are learning all about food. We have read 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We have acted out the story using puppets, mixed porridge oats in the water tray, sung 'When Goldilocks went to the House of the Bears', measred size using compare bears and built a new bed for Baby Bear!

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