14 September 2018

We are so fortunate to have the beach in such close proximity to our school. Over the past couple of weeks, Maple class have enjoyed using this fantastic learning resource to enhance their learning. We have covered many aspects of the curriculum, including art, team work, problem-solving as well as learning about the coastal environment and beach safety. 

The children have written a 'Beach Code' to ensure everyone is aware of how to stay safe when visiting the beach.  Here are the 5 important rules that we all must follow to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their visits and that we don't negatively impact the environment: 

1. Always listen carefully. Think before you act.

2. Consideration - Think before you walk and touch. Ask if you are not sure. 

3. Always take all of your belongings home. Do not drop litter; leave only footprints. 

4. Show care to all you find. 

5. Be creative and use your imagination!

Posted by Mrs Sloan

Category: Maple Class