21 June 2018

On Monday 18th June Holly class set off from school to walk down to Whitby railway station to catch the 10 am train to Goathland.The children were all very excited about their train ride and visit to Goathland school.We boarded the train and set off on our adventure.

After a short delay at Grosmont we finally arrived at Goathland station and waved the train goodbye .We then headed on our way through the village to get to the school.

When we arrived at Goathland school we met the children. The children were amazed to discover there were only 23 children in the whole school!! It was now time for us to eat our lunch so we sat outside in the play ground and enjoyed our packed lunches.After lunch the children joined the Goathland children for a playtime and were soon chatting happily and making new friends.

When playtime was finished we packed up our things and walked into the village to get an ice cream.As you can see the children enjoyed this part of the trip very much!

We then headed to the car park and boarded our bus back to school.We had a lovely day meeting the children from Goathland school, riding on the steam train and exploring the village and returned to school tired but happy.


Holly class were very lucky to go on a second trip this week to Whitby library.We were greeted by Mrs Young who had planned some exciting activities for the children around the geography theme we have been studying about towns and villages. She read a story to the children all about a block of flats and then one about the coast.

We then completed a quiz which encouraged the children to find a fiction book with an author beginning with the same letter as their name and a non-fiction book on a subject of interest to them.

We then chose a book to take home and Mrs Young showed us how to work the machine to take the book out.We thanked the library staff for a wonderful morning and headed back to school for lunch.




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