Another very focused and hard working week in Holly class!!

The children have been classifying and identifying features of animals this week recording what they have found out about mammals,reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds.They then sorted pictures of various animals into their  categories using the criteria listed.

We will now move on to similarities and differences between animals in different categories.

In maths we used the photographs of our daily routine shared with you last week to sequence and give specific times to events that take place as part of a normal school day.

We used these ideas to do some problem solving.For example:

Using the blank clocks,can you draw hands to show 3 different times and write something you would do at that time.

Ben was playing in the playground.Can you draw hands on the clocks to show 2 different times he could be doing this.

The children have had to apply their knowledge of the sequence of the school day to solve these problems.

We will now be moving on to looking at the order of the days of the week and months of the year.