As part of our school ethos to further develop a love for reading among all children in school ,our librarian Mrs Shelia Sylvester has been reading fiction stories to the children this week.

This week we evaluated our growth mindset learnt skill which was fastening our shoe laces in Holly class.We used coloured counters red = struggled, yellow = needed some help, green = could complete, blue = could teach someone else.The children selected a counter colour and discussed how they felt their learning had progressed.To further encourage the children to consider how they learn a skill and explain the process to others, we asked the children to think of something they learnt to do at home and the steps they took to do this.They explained these steps and any difficulties they had to the 'learning monster'. Flynn explained how he learnt to do sole rolls in football training by watching his coach carefully and then practising manoeuvering between cones.

Jude explained how he followed his instructions carefully in order to be able to complete his lego model and then when that became too difficult he asked his dad to help him to complete the task.

We have continued to use numicon to solve subtraction number sentences this week.The children are becoming more confident and independent at completing these and are learning how to set out their work in their maths book.

We continue to practice our Christmas play that we look forward to sharing with you soon.The children have obviously been working hard at home to learn their words and thank you to everyone that has brought in a costume.We are very grateful for your help and couldn't do it without you!!