This week we have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes.We have discussed and reasoned about similarities and differences between shapes.For example:

What is the same about a rectangle and square? What is different?

Look at the circle, square and triangle which is the odd one out? Explain why.

We used a feely bag to establish the properties of each shape.One child described the shape while the others guessed.

Shelia Sylvester our librarian from the county library service came to share Autumn poetry with the children this week.This continues our theme of seasonal change in science and also links to the recount we will write about our autumn walk.We found a number of signs of Autumn in the school grounds and discussed the reasons behind each one.


We are currently giving out parts for our Christmas Play.Please keep an eye on book bags for a costume letter!! We can hardly believe it is nearly that time of year again.