We have come back to school this week, ready and raring to go! The children are still very engaged and focused on their literacy work with the Alma story. This week's focus has been persuasive writing, so the children have been estate agents trying to sell the shop in the story! They have been looking at the emotive language that is used to sell property. They're not sure that they would buy the shop!

We have been solving word problems in maths. The children have been given lots of challenges this week. One problem took one group two days to solve, but they persevered, worked as a team and got the answer eventually. Well done!

Mrs Mason has been creating poppy themed work in art with the children, Mrs Woolfe has been showing the children short stories in french, they have been performing athletics with Mr Bates and coding with scratch in computing with Mrs Gurney. Phew!

Mrs Tillson has been teaching the class about Hajj- the fifth and final pillar of Islam- in RE. More information here

Here is is some of this week's work and our ever-evolving Writing Working Wall.