Pupil Reps 2017-2018

Week beginning 18/9/2017

A new team of Pupil Reps have been democratically elected by their classmates. Our Stakesby Pupil Reps this academic year are:

Oak Class-   James Hunter and Jazmin Gildroy

Elm Class-    Ewan Locker and Lexi Bartlett

Ash Class-   Tom Wood and Sophie Knaggs

Maple Class- Cody Pickard-Coullie and Keeva Scott

Beech Class- Bailey Jobling and Gracie Sutherland

The Reps are looking forward to helping to lead and organise a range of events and activities throughout the year and have already begun consulting their respective classes for ideas.

Week beginning 9/10/2017

The Pupil Reps brought ideas for activities for the autumn term from their classes to the meeting this week and we are now going to look for common threads across the school before we decide which ones to undertake. There is a rich collection of ideas for Halloween and Bonfire Night and for clubs.

Week beginning 16/10/2017

The Reps have now decided to hold two Halloween competitions in school. The first is to write a short spooky story and the second to design a pumpkin using a range of materials. The Reps will judge both competitions and are looking forward to some scary entries!


Week beginning 31/10/2017

The Reps were delighted with the number of entries for their Halloween competitions and had the very difficult task of selecting a winner and a runner-up from each of the phases within school.


Week beginning 6/11/2017

The Pupil Reps were discussing ideas for Children in Need day during our meeting today and were drawing upon some of the suggestions gathered  from individual classses at the beginning of the term. They decided to incorporate a 'Strictly Come Dancing competition' and a 'Design a different eye patch for Pudsey' competition too.


Week beginning 20/11/2017

During the meeting today the Reps judged the 'Design an eye patch for Pudsey' competition and again were very impressed by the standard of entries from across the whole school. Prizes will be awarded in our celebration assembly.  The Reps were also given the task of consulting with their classmates to draft some ideas for events and activities for the Spring term.           


Week beginning 8/1/2018

The Pupil Reps are focusing on gathering ideas from their respective classes about activities they would like to organise over the course of this term and inviting their peers and class teachers to offer suggestions on how to develop a love of reading across the school. They will be presenting their spidergrams in our meeting next week when one of the members of our governing body will be attending to learn more about the role of the Pupil Reps in school and our current reading project which forms part of the school development plan.                                     T


Pupil Reps for 2016-2017 will be elected by their classmates at the beginning of term.

The Reps for each class are as follows:

Year 6 - Georgie Moon and Neve Barnard

Year 5 - Riley Billany and Anais Mason

Year 4 - Rhys Buck and Ellie Harland

Year 3 - Jamie Farley and Thea Smith

Year  2  Charlie Breckon and Summer Butler-Hogga

Mrs. Gallon co-ordinates the team of Pupil Reps and they attend a meeting once a fortnight to discuss whole school issues and ideas for events in school.

September 2016

Mrs. Gallon welcomed back all the Pupil Reps and introduced the team to our 2 new members representing Beech Class, Charlie Breckon and Summer Butler-Hoggarth who are finding their new role in school very exciting.

The new term has already presented the Reps with opportunities to involve themselves in activities to support the local community and involve themselves in school life as they have dilligently co-ordinated the Can Can appeal to support the local food bank.

We were able to link this fund raiser to our Harvest Festival and the Reps organised an inter-class competition to find the classes which donated the most cans for the appeal.

The winners were as follows;

UKS2 Elm

LKS2 Maple

KS1 Holly 


The Reps worked hard to design posters to advertise the appeal and presented the prizes during our Harvest Celebration.


Week beginning 10/10/2016

This week the Reps are involved in collecting for the Red, White and Blue day in school to support our brave and valued Forces.

Week beginning 31/10/2016

We are delighted to welcome Rhys Buck to our team of Pupil Reps representing Ash class here at Stakesby. We wish to thank Max Tillson for his dedication and hard work during his time as a Pupil Rep and wish him well in his new school.

We are currently updating our Pupil Reps board in school and writing our own description of the role of a Pupil Rep. As this is many of the Reps second year of office, they now have a much clearer idea of what the job involves and will be able to draw on their experiences last year as they compose their description.

Week beginning 7/11/2016

As Children In Need approaches, the Pupil Reps have been invited to promote and judge an art competition throughout school.

Week beginning 21/11/2016

The Pupil Reps had the challenging job of judging the Pudsey Bear colouring competition this week. Children from across the whole school created some colourful and impressive designs and choosing one winner for each class was extremely difficult. Thank you to the Reps for their dedicated support once again.

Week beginning 16/1/2017

Our meeting this week focused on planning some activities and events for the spring term. The Reps had a wealth of ideas themselves and their task this week is to consult their respective classes and create a spidergram of their ideas to bring back to our next meeting.   One of the imminent activities is the coin collection for the RNLI which we support anually at Stakesby and the Reps are looking forward to participating in.

Week beginning 23/1/2017

The meeting this week focused on the activity lists the Reps had compiled alongside their classmates. We will be looking for common themes to help us to organise one or two main events during the spring term.

The Reps were also assigned their roles in the imminent fund raiser for the RNLI. They will be collecting coins around the classrooms and on the school yard over the next 2 weeks. Please look out for them and give generously to this worthy cause which is close to our hearts here in Whitby.

Week Beginning:13.03.17

Coin Collection in aid of the Life Boat

On behalf of Stakesby School, the Pupil Reps proudly presented  £45.20 in coins to the lifeboat in assembly this week. Representing the lifeboat station, Mr White came into school to receive the donation and to offer his thanks. The Reps were a credit to the school as they spoke about how they had taken ownership of the fund raiser by collecting in classrooms and from parents on the school yard. As a team the Reps would like to thank everyone who kindly contributed to the collection.


This term we have been continuing to develop the 'Pupil Voice' in school and the Pupil Reps have been busy working alongside their respective classes to suggest activities they would like to be involved in over the term. All the classes recorded their ideas on spidergrams and then we looked for common themes from all the classes to compile a programme for this term and beyond. Forthcoming events are a 'Design an Easter card' competition and a fitness week in the Summer term.                                                                                                                       


Week beginning 27/3/2017

The Reps have been busy this week organising the Easter card competition and the Easter egg hunt for their respective classes. They have designed posters and written their own clues for the egg hunts.                                                                                                 Next week the Reps will be judging the card competition and leading their class on the egg hunts.

Week beginning 3/4/2017

The Pupil Reps have organised and led Easter egg hunts for all the classes in school this week and the children have had great fun participating in this traditional event.                  They have also judged the Easter card competition this week which was a difficult task as the entries were of a very high standard.                                                                                On behalf of Stakesby school we would like to thank all the Reps for their efforts and enthusiasm in organising both events.

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17 October 2017

Acorn Museum Trip

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13 October 2017

Parents' Evenings. Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th October 2017.

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