This week, Elm class ave been learning lots of new things, lets start with maths. We have been learning about long multiplication and long division, some people got it straight away but others haven't got the whole thing just yet, even though it may look quite hard and confusing it is quite easy once you get it. But before we move onto literacy last week we looked at line graphs in statistics at the end of the week all of us got it!

Now literacy we have been linking it to history, so we have been doing war related learning. We have been doing acting, drama and today we wrote a short, page long story. Some have been nice some have not, most people lived in the story and some people died.At one point this week we had to create a pantomime for our poems we created, it was really fun!

in science we have been learning about forces, and we were all looking forward to Thursday because, we made paper clip parachutes and next week we can finish them if we haven't already.

Now for history, we (of course)have been learning about WW2 and we have started on how rationing worked and Hitlers backstory, we found out that he had 7 siblings and he had a wife. But before that we looked at evacuees, some people found it fun others didn't.

In ICT we have been looking at spreadsheets and creating simple addition and subtraction formulas, we played different spreadsheet games and we all found it very fun. First we played a game where you earned points by putting in the numbers and letters in then we played a game where we had to do maths  to complete it.

Sophie K