We are at the end of the first week back! it has been a fun and busy week. Out topic for the term is World War Two. In history we are learning about Hitler and Germany, we have used maps to locate countries that were involved in the war and labeled these on maps of Europe.

In literacy we are reading the book 'Rose Blanche' about a young girl who lives in Germany during WW2, we have had lots of discussions about characters feelings and emotions, and we are looking forward to what will happen next.

In maths we have been working on statistics, reading data, plotting data and even using data to create our own line graphs. In science we have been introduced to Isaac Newton and we have learnt about the force, gravity. 

In RE we have learnt about peace, what peace means to us and symbols of peace.

We have been practicing our handwriting, writing out poems and trying to memorize some of the verses. Spelling has concentrated on words ending in 'ibly' and 'ably', we are all getting much better at these. 

Charlie is 2019's first Star Of The Week. Well done Charlie!

Have a lovely weekend, please pop back next week!

Elm Class.