Despite the wintery conditions the children have continued to work their socks off this week!!

We have been completing our non-chronological reports about cats and it is quite amazing to see how much progress has been made in both the quality and quantity of the writing the children are producing.

In maths we have been thinking about the sequence of our day and next week will be putting times to the things we do and discussing the order.

Arriving at school.

Playtime and snack.

Hand washing and lunch.

Home time.

During circle time as part of our metacognition project we played a memory game to see if we could work out strategies to remember a group of objects.The children looked at a tray of objects and then with their partner wrote down as many as they could remember.They talked about what strategies they used to help them.

Frankie said " I counted the objects so I knew how many there was."


Poppy said " I looked really hard and said them over and over again in my head."