4 May 2017

In science this half term we are looking at plants, the different types of plants, what plants need to grow and the structure of a plant.We looked at 'wild plants' ( often known as weeds) and clarified that these are flowers that are not planted or looked after but that grow wherever they land. We conducted a survey of the wild plants growing in our school grounds to find out which were the most common.The children produced a tally chart of their findings . We found that the most common 'wild flowers' were daisies, dandelions,nettles and ivy.Bailey was so enthusiastic he went on a walk with his Nana that same evening around Glaisdale and brought a list to school of all the wild flowers they saw with a description of each one.He shared this with the class and we looked at pictures of the wild flowers found.Well done Bailey and his Nana!!! We are always grateful for and keen to see the children building on the experiences we offer at school and love to hear about what they have done!!! 


Category: Holly Class