28 March 2017

In Maple Class, we are all really looking forward to our Termly Treat tomorrow. For those of you who don't know, all the classes in school compete to win the Termly Treat by trying to gain as many Stakesby Stars as they can for excellent attitudes, behaviour and work. Each week, all the stars are put into a pot and Mr Gunning draws one out. If the star drawn belongs to someone in your class, your class scores a point which we show on a chart in the hall. At the end of each half term, we see which class has won the most points and has won the Termly Treat. The more stars you earn for your class, the better your chance of winning!

Last term our class won and we have spent a long time thinking about our perfect treat and planning it. As a class, we suggested ideas and then held a democratic vote for our favourite. We chose to have a class water fight! We needed to wait until the weather got a little warmer and have had to plan it carefully thinking about rules, safe places to play and spare clothes! We are sure it will be lots of fun, keep your eye on our blog for action photos!

Last week our Star of the Week was Sienna. Sienna was chosen for displaying a good understanding of magnets and forces in Science. Well Done Sienna! Keep viewing our blog to see who will win Star of the Week this week.

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