We couldn't wait to tell you all about our amazing time at Forest Schools today! We built some fantastic dens in the woods and made some mini shelters for any fairies or elves who might need somewhere to stay! Mr Bates encouraged us all to find a special secret place of our own in the woods and to use all our senses to explore it.

We also worked with partners to lead them safely through the wood. Mr Bates made this a real challenge by asking one of the partners to wear a blindfold!!! We had to communicate well to make sure our partner didn't bump into anything and we also had to put a lot of trust in our partners to look after us.

Mr Bates showed us how to play a game with our partner where they had to feel a tree when they were blindfolded. When they took the blindfold off, they had to find the tree that they had been touching. Mr Bates asked Mrs Leather to wear the blindfold so that he could show us how to play. It was very funny and we all cheered when Mrs Leather found her tree!

Have a look at the photographs below to see how we got on.










Posted by Mrs Leather on 15 February 2017

Category: Maple Class

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