6 January 2017

We are back and raring to go after a fantastic Christmas holiday. This week we have been learning how to write persuasively and we are looking forward to writing adverts for our fantastic inventions that we created last term. We have already identified ways in which persuasive texts are different to explanations and look forward to analysing these in more detail next week.




In maths we have been finding the area of shapes by counting squares. We quickly moved to solving more complex problems involving shapes such as – if a shape has an area of 31cm2 could it still be a rectangle?

In geography we ventured around the world by examining countries in the Northern and Southern hemisphere and also near the Equator. In Science, we learnt all about the Water Cycle. We have also enjoyed P.E. and art this week and some of us have been selected for the gymnastics competition! If that wasn’t enough – we also have a new class text to read – chosen by Ash Class – ‘The Grunts on the Run’!

What a busy week… (and it’s only been 3 days!)

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