2 December 2016

Friday 2nd December

By Kyra, Dan and Rhys 


This week in Ash Class, we have been very busy and we had our first swimming session of Year 4. 

In assembly Kyra and Dan are getting tested to make them  'Official Tables Masters', like Rhys and Billy.

In science we’re planning to investigate the time it takes to melt chocolate at different temperatures. (Ellie, Lexi, Phoebe and Rosie got to have some chocolate as they won it with their good work!)

In literacy we have been looking at some of Wallace’s and Gromit’s inventions to help us think about writing explanations for inventions because a chicken stole their plans!!

In maths we have been focusing on fractions.


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Friday 2nd December 2016

By Phoebe and Olivia MT 

This week ash class have been doing lots of activities. In English we have started to write to inform and we have been told to make our own invention. For inspiration we have watched some Wallace and Gromit for some ideas.

Most of us have enjoyed P.E. because we were doing dance with a lady from Simon Carson Sports School. We were street dancing to 'Can’t stop the feeling' by Justin Timberlake and the funny part was that Keigan was singing along!

Our first week swimming in year 4 was fantastic apart from being split up into 2 groups in the pool but we were all back together by the time we got on the bus.

In forest schools this week we were able to go off and make our shelters that we made last week better and also we went to see our friend’s shelter. To connect with forest schools we made our willow stars so in art we decorated them with hessian and glitter they all look amazing.

To count down to Christmas we have got a chocolate advent calendar, Lexi was the first to pick out of the box and she picked Olivia M-T and then on  Tuesday Olivia M-T picked Phoebe out of the box!


Well done to Lexi for being our Star this week. You have a brilliant attitude Lexi - every lesson, every day. Well done! Mrs Tillson




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