28 November 2016

Ever wondered how our digestive system works? Well Oak Class has been finding out all about it...and it's not pretty!

We chartered the journey of a banana sandwich all the way from ther mouth to the toilet (in re-enacted form of course!) 

We used a sharp knife to represent the front teeth, then a fork to represent the back teeth. We squeezed in some water to represent saliva and then ground it all up into a paste - exactly as the teeth would do in our own mouths. Next, we sueezed the mixture into a bag - much like the oesophagus would squueze our food into the stomach. Here, we added vinegar to represent stomach acid and used our hands to squeeze and churn the food.

The intestines were next; we used tights to represent this stage (which is where it all started to get rather messy) to squeeze the mixture through. The liquid (nutrients) was let out (absorbed) through the tights (intestine walls) and then were we finally left with the waste product: poo (scientific name 'faeces')

As you can imagine, the classroom did NOT smell good! Miss Robson has since had to invest in an air freshener!

Check out the pictures below:



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