On Friday 4th November we were very lucky to have a visit from Sara from explore Judaism UK. Each class had a workshop in which they learnt about an aspect of Judaism and our workshop was all about 'Shabbat'.The children sang in Hebrew and learnt the Shabbat greeting, dressing up and acting out the Shabbat ceremomy to welcome it's beginning.We ate the traditional 'challah' bread and drank grape juice using the 'kiddush' cup.

This week in science we have begun to explore which materials in our classroom would make the best house for the 'Three Litte Pigs'.The children suggested cardboard boxes, lego,duplo and large wooden bricks and worked in groups to produce a house.They predicted which house would be the strongest and save the pigs from the 'Big,Bad,Wolf'!! We will test our predictions next week, using a hair dryer to huff and puff and blow the houses down or not? We will wait and see!