Well, it's been three weeks since we started Year 6 and already, everybody is working incredibly hard.

Last week, we took part in the Tag Rugby Festival and we've enjoyed swimming and dance sessions each week too.

In literacy, we have been writing holiday brochures for island destinations we created. We're sure that if you read them, you'll be heading straight down to the travel agents' to book yourself a trip somewhere sunny! In maths, we've been practising the four operations with emphasis on reasoning and problem-solving. Our topic work has been mainly focused on the rather gory Middle Ages where we've learned all about the 'Black Death'. Did you know that soldiers at war in Italy actually hurled the corpses of Black Death victims over the city's walls so that its inhabitants would be infected with the disease?! Merchants then sailed from Italy along the trade route to Britain, where rats aboard the ships transfered the disease to the people living there.

We're sure that next week, we'll find out something else just as disgusting!