We started the week off in energetic fashion: visiting all of the famous Whitby landmarks on foot. As part of our geography and literacy work, we're writing a guide on our town, so we decided to get up close and personal with what Whitby has to offer.

We set off from school and walked to the west cliff where we looked at the whalebones and Captain Cook's monument, then we walked down Khyber Pass to Pier Road, across the swing bridge and along Church Street to the 199 steps. Just like all of the tourists, we counted as we went up (some of us not getting 199!) and rested in the churchyard of St Mary's. After we'd looked around the church, we discovered many interesting gravestones. Then it was off to Whitby Abbey. We ended the trip by walking along the beach to look at the physical features of the land before heading back to school - all in a morning!

We've already started work on our guides, which are coming along nicely.



You may have seen (or heard!) some of our larger trees in the wooded area being chopped down this week. As you can imagine, it left quite a lot of mess! Luckily, Alex, Neo, Jake, Neve, Conner, Liam U, Liam H and Josh were on hand to help with the clean-up operation.



Today, we paired up with Maple Class (Year 3) to share some of our favourite stories. These weren't just any stories however, they were ones we've written ourselves. We looked through our literacy books to find work we were most proud of, then shared it with some of the younger children.



Posted by Miss Robson on 3 February 2017

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