Illness & Accidents


Every class in school contains staff who are trained in First Aid, as are our office and dinner time staff. If your child feels unwell, we will make a judgment as to the severity of the illness.  If we think it necessary, we will contact you to take them home. In the case of an emergency, we will act in the interests of your child and take them to hospital or call the doctor - we will of course make every effort to contact you. 


If your child is unwell please keep him/her at home until risk of infection to others has passed. This will be recorded as an authorised absence.



At the present time, school staff may only administer medicines as long as:

  • The medicine has been prescribed by a doctor to be taken 4 times daily. (Parents are welcome to come into school if required to administer the likes of Calpol, etc.)
  • Parents/Carers give written authorisation (form to be obtained from the school office)

  • The medicine is in a properly labeled container with the name of the prescribing person (normally the GP) on the label, as well as the name and home address of the pupil, the name of the medicine, the dosage and time of administration.

Please refer to our full Medical Policy - here

Latest News

6 September 2018

School Meal Changes

Please find below some small, but beneficial changes to our school meal prices and system.
2 May 2018

When a drone visited Stakesby!

Paul from recently visited Stakesby with his drone to take some images of the children spelling out the word 'GOOD' in celebration of our recent Ofsted success. Year 5 used problem solving techniques in a maths lesson to work out the area that the children had to stand in and how the children and letters would be arranged. A huge 'Thank You' to Paul for his services and patience and keep an eye out in the Whitby Gazette for the images!
21 April 2018

Wise Owl's Intergenerational Session withYorkshire Coast Homes

Stakesby's Wise Owls had a lovely morning with residents of Marton Court, Whitby. With kelly Brown from Yorkshire Coast homes, they decorated paper butterflies, shared stories and sung their favourite nursery rhymes!