Whitby Town Schools Partnership Principles

As a partnership, these are our principles:


We intend to retain and respect the unique individual identity of each school.


We agree to work through collaboration not competition, based on mutual trust and respect, to develop shared self-improvement systems and thereby raise standards through all of our schools, with the aim of all partnership schools being graded good or outstanding.

Whole is greater than the sum of the parts

We believe that through pooling resources, sharing expertise and effective practice, we can offer the children of Whitby more as a partnership than as individual schools.

Maximum impact for the greatest number

We believe that excellence in leadership, pedagogy, training, development and support should be shared effectively to maximise the positive impact on the lives of the greatest number of children and young people in Whitby.

All Whitby children deserve the best

We recognise that all children and young people, regardless of their starting point or setting, have the right to an outstanding education, and most importantly one that prepares them to thrive as enterprising, global citizens in a fast-changing, modern world.

Sharing Governor Expertise

We believe that enabling our governing bodies to collaborate will enable them to work more effectively with their own school.

Sharing of Expertise

We agree to share effortlessly the work of all (individuals, groups and organisations) who demonstrate particular expertise whether in the raising of standards, pupil outcomes, transformational leadership & management, exceptional teaching, or learning and support.

Shared Professional Development

We believe that all of our staff have the right to the highest standards of training, guidance, support, development and influence; to help them become the best that they can be and thus provide the best for all of our children.

Support School Improvement

We agree to share information about key performance indicators for our schools in order to facilitate the work of the partnership in improving outcomes for all of our children. This can involve elements of challenge and support to enable the development of a self-improving system in all our schools and across the partnership.

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