The curriculum at Stakesby Primary Academy has recently been completely reviewed, revised and rewritten. Our new curriculum continues to be lively and exciting and ensures that children develop and learn the knowledge, skills and understanding that will underpin their success in later life.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum requirements for 2014 but is supplemented to meet the needs of the children at Stakesby.


We provide a curriculum which:

  • Encourages all children to have a resilient and determined approach to learning (Growth Mindset)
  • Has unapologetically high expectations of achievement, effort and attitude
  • Provides a wide range of memorable and purposeful experiences
  • Identifies essential learning across all areas of the curriculum for each stage with particular reference to vocabulary
  • Focuses on ensuring all children acquire, memorise and apply this learning

And so:

  • Draws pupils into learning at a deep and satisfying level
  • Prepares children well for the next stage of learning

Learning is carefully planned to provide links to support children in learning and applying the content of the curriculum rather than simply 'covering' it.

These links are made:

  • vertically - learning from each year is built upon cumulatively in subsequent years
  • horizontally - learning is revisited and rehearsed within each year group to ensure it moves to long-term memory
  • diagonal - learning from one subject in one year is carried across to support learning in other subjects and other years

Our curriculum also makes conscious use of the amazing resource that is our town of Whitby. We have ready-made learning opportunities in History, Geography, Environment and Science on our doorstep!

Curriculum Overview Matrix 2019

The Whole Child

We see education and learning in its widest sense and aim to educate the whole child: academically, socially, morally, emotionally and spiritually.

Much of this learning takes place through the ‘ethos’ of our school, the daily positive interactions, routines and events which model and encourage positive relationships and personal growth. We also address these areas of learning through our extensive PHSCE curriculum via weekly ‘circletimes’, assemblies, school events, visitors and discussions. Our vision, aims and values are set out visually under  their own tab – See ‘Our School’ on the home page.

PHSCE Curriculum Documents

Teaching Children to Keep Themselves Safe

Alongside our PHSCE curriculum, we also have half-termly themes to discuss how children can keep themselves safe:

  • Road Safety - this includes being seen in the dark as nights draw in.
  • Cyber Safety - in addition to our ongoing e-safety curriculum, one half term is focused on this aspect of safeguarding - this includes visits and presentations from our local PCSO.
  • Water/Beach Safety - usually given in the half-term before the summer holidays. We are assisted by our local RNLI with this.
  • Fire Safety - usually given near Bonfire Night. We are assisted by our local Fire Service with this.
  • Home Safety  - this includes discussions about how to avoid accidents  and keep safe at home, and we have increasingly included more references to e-safety.
  • Personal Safety - This specifically aims to teach children to keep themselves safe when they are unsupervised and how to react if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any situation. The NSPCC have been working with us, delivering assemblies and workshops to support this. (An element of abuse-proofing work also takes place as part of our SRE curriculum - see our policy under the 'Our School' Tab)


We view learning to swim as an essential life-skill, particularly for children living near water. Our children have swimming lessons from Year 3.  These come as a block of 5 or 6 weeks each year. (Additional lessons are also given to some Year 6 children in their final term to ensure that as many pupils as possible leave our school able to swim 25metres) 


Classes usually have two PE sessions during the week, one of which is delivered by our sports coach. In addition, there are a number of extra-curricular sports clubs running throughout the year. There are also many opportunities to take part in local competitions, tournaments or events that encourage participation and keeping active. For further details, refer to our Sport Premium report on the ‘Important Information’ tab.

Sex and Relationships Education

Working with parents, carers, health and other staff, we have developed a comprehensive SRE programme which is delivered separately to all Year 5 and Year 6 children. The programme covers the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty, together with sensitive discussion around gender roles, body-image, preventing abuse and assertiveness in relationships.

Educational Visits

One of our key priorities as a school is to ‘broaden horizons’ so that children see themselves as capable of achieving well and having ‘high aspirations’. For this reason, we consciously build in many opportunities to seek out ‘new people, new places, new experiences’.

From the earliest age, children are given outdoor experiences, firstly in the extensive natural school environment. We are lucky to have several natural areas including ponds, orchards, gardens and woodland on site, and these form the basis for our regular Forest School activities.

We are also lucky to have a wealth of historical and geographical resources on our doorstep in Whitby town and harbour, as well as the nearby North York Moors.

By Year 4, we believe children are ready for the opportunity of their first residential experience – 3 nights away at East Barnby Outdoor Education Centre.

This prepares them well for the hugely popular residential week in Year 6. In 2018, we initiated our first residential city visit, when our oldest children spent a week in Edinburgh taking in the many cultural sites and experiences. This was a fantastic opportunity to broaden horizons which proved to be very successful and will now form part of our ongoing curriculum offer.

These materials, provided by a company called Rising Stars,  set out in more detail what is expected for each year group in the National Curriculum.

Rising Stars Curriculum Guides