In the last week, we  have done lots of follow up work from our trip to the Ryedale Folk Museum. We have also been writing 'Thank you' letters to the staff and volunteers at the museum which will be posted off soon.

Did you know...that Iron Age people used natural plant dye to colour the wool that they made into clothes?

We decided to paint the thumb pots we made with the most commonly used colours of the time which were red,yellow and blue. We had to add glue to the paint to help it stick to the clay and give it a nice shine. They look fantastic although we think that our colours are much brighter than the traditional Iron Age ones would have been!

Last week, our 'Star of the Week' was Tom W. Tom caught our eye for his hard work and effort. Well Done Tom! I wonder who it will be this week?

Posted by Mrs Leather on 13 June 2017

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