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Ash Science Trip to Caedmon


When we went to Caedman - By Lexi 
When we went to Caedman we went into the science room and in there we were using a type of acid.  Using the acid, we got a syringe and put it inside of a test tube.                                                                                                                                                                            Whilst the acid was inside of the test tube we mixed in some magnesium into the test tube. We saw how gas was being made and how it got a little warmer!                       
Next we got another test tube and repeated the same thing again but this time instead of putting in magnesium in we put in Zinc. We saw that the Zinc was creating a gas once again but this time it did not get any warmer!
After that we repeated the same thing again but this time we used copper and the copper did not do anything. How boring!
After we did everything we saw a screaming jelly baby!! After this there was no more sugar in the jelly baby anymore but how much the jelly screamed was how much sugar there was in that jelly baby and it screamed for ages! So don’t eat too many jelly babies!!!!!!


Science at Caedmon -  By EWAN and JOHN

Yesterday we went on a trip to Caedmon to do some experiments. We were mixing acid and metals.  Mr Togwell was a very good teacher; first we had to go get some safety glasses . Then we had to put some magnesium in to the acid which was in our testing tube and it fizzed up and the temperature changed then we did iron and the acid changed colour then we did zinc and it PRODUCED A GAS (AND THE SYMBOL WAS zn). then we did copper and nothing happened and no new substance WAS MADE (and the symbol FOR COPPER IS CU) THEN MR HARTLEY DID AN AMAZING EXPERIMENT  WHICH INCLUDED A JELLY BABY AND MR HARTLEY BLEW A JELLY BABY UP AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED.BOOM AND THEN WE WALKED BACK TO SCHOOL . I LOVED IT.     

Class blog  - By Keiron


This week in Ash Class we were doing a lot of assessments - we were doing math tests, a spelling test and problem solving. When we did the test it looked a bit hard but we all managed well with them.

Multi skills at Cademon

When we were at Cademon we played football, bouncy hoppers, tennis, running and throwing we had so much fun but the bad thing was we got wet in the horrible misty rain! We got to do one more skill and that was throwing and we got numbers which made it really fun!

Science at Cademon

At Cadmeon this teacher called Mr Togwell was teaching us and we put in our testing tubes some iron, cooper, zink and much more and we put all the ingredients in and he taught us about how the colour changes in the hot temperature and we could see it changing as it was turning from cold to warm. Another teacher showed us using sugar in the test tube and there was loads of smoke in the science lab.


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